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Learn About the Potty Fairy 

The Potty Fairy has developed, tested and are selling products to enhance your child’s potty training experience. These products support and enhance the method you choose to use to potty train your child or your own potty training plan.

The gist of the Potty Fairy potty training approach is that The Potty Fairies get involved to help you motivate and reward your child for their efforts. “The Potty Fairy” storybook introduces your child to The Potty Fairy and her helpers. The Potty Fairies include the “queen’ fairy, The Potty Fairy, herself and also her helpers, Blossom for the girls and Bud for the boys. The Potty Fairies leave rewards (that you individually select for your child), “when they catch your child doing well,” leaves a teeshirt and underwear at night to wear the next day and leave notes of encouragement to keep trying to use the potty chair. The Potty Fairies provides an imaginative and magical environment that kids love and are excited to have the fairies leave rewards, underwear,stickers and in the end a crown. Having the fairies help you deliver the incentives takes away the temptation to bribe. You become a cheerleader for your child rather than the one dishing out rewards or stickers.

Our Enhancement Products:


Books are available internationally and will be shipped worldwide.

The Potty Fairy Children's Storybook

Order Softcover & Hardcover

“The Potty Fairy” Children’s Storybook in Softcover & Hardcover

A fun everyday book to use as a part of your child’s potty training experience.

Softcover available to purchase in Spanish and French on Amazon and Barnes and Noble sites.


“The Potty Fairy” Storybook eBooks/mp3 set

Available in ALL eBook formats and paired with The Potty Fairy mp3 music, legend, and poem for auditory enrichment.

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Additional Potty Fairy Products

The Potty Fairy Dolls 

The Potty Fairy Dolls are adorable custom dolls with elaborate details that will delight your child. The fairy doll characters are The Potty Fairy’s helpers, Bud and Blossom, and will help deliver rewards to your child, encouraging notes and clean underwear at night for your child to put on in the morning.

You will have the opportunity to select the gender of your doll. You can also select the skin tone for your doll with options of:

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The Potty Fairy Dolls

• Cotton Candy • Vanilla Ice Cream • Caramel Latte • Milk Chocolate

You can also add special notes to the doll maker with other individual requests.

Make potty training a fun and memorable event with the help of these adorable dolls.

“The Potty Fairy” Underwear and PF Sticker Set

“The Potty Fairy” Underwear

The Potty Fairy underwear are delivered byThe Potty Fairy on the first day of your child’s potty training. These are a special pair of underwear that mark the first day of potty training for your child. 

We are having a BOGO sale on our embroidered underwear. Buy one and get one free plus free stickers. 

Coming soon, AriBaby Design handmade underwear in boxer and regular underwear with multiple fabric designs plus new stickers to place on underwear.   

Girl and Boy underwear styles will be available and will be stamped PF by the Potty Fairy herself.  Included in the set are PF stickers that you can use on other underwear used during the potty training process. The Potty Fairy underwear are available in many sizes. 

Stay tuned!

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Oversize Potty Training Bud and Blossom Teeshirt 

The Oversize Potty Training Teeshirt can be used for the potty training process especially if using a “bare-bottom” method of potty training. Teeshirts will be oversized, loose and comfortable. The teeshirt can also be used as a nightshirt for sleeping. The teeshirt will be available with appliqué designs and a variety of colors that you can select. Handmade to your specifications.

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Oversize Potty Training Teeshirt

“The Potty Fairy” Custom Crown

“The Potty Fairy” Custom Crown

Let’s crown your child a Potty Fairy Princess or Potty Fairy Prince when they have accomplished potty training! Celebrate your child’s accomplishment with a handmade crown directly from The Potty Fairy! The crown is expandable and easy to fit for any size child’s head. Adorable and cute with a girl crown adorned with a blossom and a boy crown adorned with a lightning bolt! Both crowns will have a PF Princess or PF Prince marked on the crown. Your child will proudly wear this crown and let others know they are potty trained!

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The Potty Fairy Potty Rider
Unicorn and Horse Sound Remotes are available

The Potty Fairy Potty Rider is a unique invention that nestles up to your toilet and helps make using the toilet safer and a lot more fun! This product comes with steps for ease of getting up to the toilet along with handles to hang on to when getting up to the toilet seat. Once seated the Potty Fairy Potty Rider has a unique place for your child to put their feet to avoid dangling feet. The handles are used while sitting on the toilet so that your child will feel safe and secure.

The Potty Fairy Potty Rider is designed as a mythical white horse with a  pink/blue mane with blue eyes and a black horse with orange/green mane with blue eyes. Your child will be so excited to climb onto their Potty Fairy Potty Rider and use the toilet!

Children love this toilet aide as it helps a child feel safe and it is a whole lot of fun. 

Add a horse/unicorn sound remote to your Potty Fairy Potty Rider that your child can play with while on the potty chair!

The Potty Fairy Potty Rider

White Horse & Remote
Black Horse & Remote
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The Potty Fairy does not believe in "one method fits all" approach to potty training.
We believe that potty training requires a differentiated approach which is selected by the parent for their child.

Boy Fairy in Green

Early Childhood Teacher Recommended

Fairy in Blue

Pediatric Endorsement

Fairy in Purple Dress


Fairy Headstand

Imaginative Play

Fairy Sitting on a Flower

Parent Tested