The Potty Fairy delivers a bit of magic which sparks a child's imagination and warms the heart, making potty training child's play.

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Potty Training That Seems Downright Magical
and Enhances All Potty Training Methods

More than 30 years ago, a friend of Mary Pap expressed difficulty with potty training her youngest daughter. The Potty Fairy visited Mary in her dreams, and that's where our journey with The Potty Fairy began. Mary delivered her first Potty Fairy book and underwear to this girl's mom, and the girl was potty trained within three days! Since that time, The Potty Fairy has helped children to use the potty for many years and will continue to do so for many years to come.

The Potty Fairy Book Cover

Order a Book- available in many formats

Our magical potty training products include a hardcover book, a softcover book, and e-books in all formats. The Potty Fairy exclusive, bamboo underwear has a special stamp on the rear from The Potty Fairy and is available in sizes 12 months through size 5. The Potty Fairy dolls are available to order with gender and skin tone options. A fun, reversible felt crown is available so that your child can be crowned a Potty Fairy VIP when they have mastered using the potty chair. Our Potty Rider Pony helps your child feel safe on the toilet, even when potty training is complete. The Potty Rider Pony will help your child feel and be safe when using the toilet for years. Visit our product information page to find more information about our products.

Doll With Pink Wings

Orange And Green Crown Green And Orange Underwear Potty Pony

Tapping into a child's imaginative play world, The Potty Fairy makes potty training a fun experience. Our new products will make it that much more fun and imaginative! Learning to go on the potty chair is an important developmental step for a child, and it is important that they stay happy and secure in the process. It also helps the parents — a potty-trained child is cheaper, cleaner, and more environmentally friendly.


Making Toilet Training Easy and Fun 

One of the main benefits of potty training is the confidence it instills in a child. The toddler no longer sees himself or herself as a baby. The Potty Fairy will help you help your child reach this pivotal point in his or her development. We strive to provide reliable, speedy service throughout the United States and Canada.

How does the Potty Fairy Work?

Children's work is play, and through play is how children learn best. Imaginative and dramatic play is a favorite of toddler and preschool age children and most effective way for children to learn. Looking for important developmental signs of "potty readiness" and allowing the child to bring the process into an imaginative playful activity adds up to success. The Potty Fairy bring imaginative play to the process of potty training starting with The Potty Fairy fairytale and enrichment products. 

Note: It takes approximately 400 repetitions to create a new synapse in the brain- unless it is done with play, in which case, it takes between 10-20 repetitions.

Dr. Karyn Purvis

The Potty Fairy is much like the Tooth Fairy. We all know how much children love this fictional character. We also know how invested children are in having the Tooth Fairy visit them. The Potty Fairy is similar.

Our picture-book instructs the child on what he or she has to do and what the reward is for success, but it also supports him or her if an accident occurs. The book is simply written for a young child.

Parent MagazineClick here to read the Parent Magazine feature article about The Potty Fairy.

The story of the Potty Fairy and her helpers comes to life with The Potty Fairy doll strategically placed in your home to have the fairy "catch your child being successful" and leaving rewards for your child to find.

Check out our exclusive design, bamboo underwear, boxers and briefs for boys and girls. At night the fairies leave a fresh pair of underwear for your child to put on in the morning. They will love finding this adorable underwear on their bed in the morning. Our underwear is special enough for a Keepsake of your child’s potty training days or an everyday underwear to use. Potty Fairy underwear are so soft and comfortable, your child will not want to take them off!

The Potty Rider Pony will ease your child’s anxiety about using the potty chair. For some children, the toilet is scary. The fun horse provides steps and handles to safely get up to the potty chair to help your child feel more secure. The fun unicorn and horse remote will be a fun thing to play with while using the potty chair.

When your child successfully potty trains, the fairies will leave a Potty Fairy VIP crown for your child to wear in celebration of their success. Let them wear their crown proudly and show others they are potty trained! When your child is wearing underwear and using the potty chair will add up to a confident, happy child!

Visit our Books and Enrichment Products page to learn more about these awesome products

little girl and fairy

Enjoy "The Potty Fairy" book and enrichment products to help make potty training a magical, playful experience for your child.

We offer a Potty Training blog for parents, which has over 40 articles regarding potty training your child.

Many parents have found our Potty Training Tips sheet helpful in preparing for potty training. Feel free to download a copy!

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