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Potty Training That Seems Downright Magical
and Enhance All Potty Training Methods

More than 30 years ago, a friend of Mary Pap expressed difficulty with potty training her youngest daughter. The Potty Fairy visited Mary in her dreams, and that's where our journey with The Potty Fairy began. Mary delivered her first Potty Fairy book and underwear to this girl's mom, and the girl was potty trained within three days! Since that time, The Potty Fairy has helped children to use the potty for many years and will continue to do so for many years to come.

The Potty Fairy Book Cover

Second edition book- available in many formats

Our magical potty training products include a hardcover book, a softcover book, and e-books in all formats. The books are available in English, Spanish, and French. The e-book purchase includes a MP3 music download of The Potty Fairy song, legend, and poem when purchased on our website. The Potty Fairy underwear have a special stamp on the rear from The Potty Fairy and are available in sizes 12 months through size 12. The Potty Fairy custom dolls are available to order with gender and skin tone options. Custom crowns and free make your own crown, help you celebrate your child’s success when potty training is complete. Last, but definitely not least, you can purchase a Potty Fairy Potty Rider to help your child safely use the regular toilet in your home. Two horse styles are available along with horse and unicorn remote options and a princess carriage option. See more information about all these products on our Product Information Page.

Tapping into a child's imaginative play world, The Potty Fairy makes potty training a fun experience. Our new products will make it that much more fun and imaginative! Learning to go on the potty chair is an important developmental step for a child, and it is important that they stay happy and secure in the process. It also helps the parents — a potty-trained child is cheaper, cleaner, and more environmentally friendly.

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Making Toilet Training Easy and Fun 

One of the main benefits of potty training is the confidence it instills in a child. The toddler no longer sees himself or herself as a baby. The Potty Fairy will help you help your child reach this pivotal point in his or her development. We strive to provide reliable, speedy service throughout the United States and Canada.

Cutout Potty Fairy Crowns

How does the Potty Fairy Work?

Children's work is play, and through play is how children learn. Imaginative and dramatic play is a favorite of toddler and preschool age children. Looking for important developmental signs of "potty readiness" and allowing the child to bring the process into a playful activity adds up to success.

The Potty Fairy is much like the Tooth Fairy. We all know how much children love this fictional character. We also know how invested children are in having the Tooth Fairy visit them. The Potty Fairy is similar.

Our picture-book instructs the child on what he or she has to do and what the reward is for success, but it also supports him or her if an accident occurs. The book is simply written for a young child.

The story of the Potty Fairy and her helpers comes to life with The Potty Fairy doll strategically placed in your home to have the fairy “catch your child being successful” and leaving rewards for your child to find.

Check out our custom underwear, boxers for boys and briefs for girls. At night the fairies leave a fresh pair of underwear for your child to put on in the morning. They will love finding these adorable underwear on their bed in the morning. Our underwear is special enough for a Keepsake of your child’s potty training days.

The Potty Fairy Potty Rider will ease your child’s anxiety about using the potty chair.  For some children, the toilet is scary.  The fun horse provides steps and handles to safely get up to the potty chair to help your child feel more secure. The fun unicorn and horse remote will be a fun thing to play with while using the potty chair.

When your child successfully potty trains, the fairies will leave a Potty Fairy Prince or Princess crown for your child to wear in celebration of their success. Let them wear their crown proudly and show others they are potty trained!  When your child is wearing underwear and using the potty chair will add up to a confident, happy child!

Visit our Purchase Books and Enrichment Products page to learn more about these awesome products

New Custom Potty Fairy Underwear Are Here

Prince and Princess Crowns

Parent Support

little girl

The Potty Fairy believes that children are unique individuals and that a “one size fits all” approach to potty training does not work.  We are here to support you in developing your potty training plan for your child.  We offer a menu of services for potty training your child.

• AskThePottyFairy Blog
• Potty Training Individual Consulting

In addition to our enrichment products we offer a blog with articles regarding potty training your child.  Listed on our Parent Support page is a link to a Potty Training Consultant who can provide individual potty training planning and consultation.  Each of these options can help you develop a unique potty training plan for you and your child.  Please email us if you have any questions about these options.


What Parents are Saying About “The Potty Fairy”!

“Darling book! Great idea!”

“Such a helpful tool for potty training!”

“It is cute and a fun potty training book!”

“You’re child will love the story! Must have for potty training.”

“An asset in a critical process.”

“The Potty Fairy story is child-centered and fun-loving. The book is racial diverse and inclusive.”
“The best part of using the Potty Fairy, is the anticipation of a visit from the fairies, much like the tooth fairy! They loved wearing the crown!”

“I bought the Potty Fairy book and my 2 year old son loved it ! The drawings are really nice and this " fairy " world is just magic for kids! What a wonderful idea to potty train your kids ! I highly recommend it!”

“The beautiful story and gorgeous illustrations will bring joy and success to your toddler during this important developmental time. These products provide the perfect gentleness necessary for a positive toilet training experience.”

“What a great way to make potty training fun! I loved the story and the beautiful illustrations! This would make an excellent gift for all new parents to help with the potty training process. Thanks for developing this!”

“Love the imagination and creativity that The Potty Fairy can bring to the often difficult task of potty training! Kids thrive on make believe and when you are able to incorporate that into something that is often a difficult task it can be so helpful!! I would highly recommend if for other moms out there in the midst of potty training!”

“Fun, easy way to potty train kids! I will definitely use this to train my youngest this summer!”
“The Potty Fairy is a lovely, creative way to make potty training fun. It will make a great gift for all parents dealing with this stage of their children's development.”

“I love the story! It's such a positive way for young children to go through potty training, which is such a big step for children, but hard for parents as well! Thanks for creating this!”

“Highly recommend this awesome potty training kit! It is a fun and magical way to make potty training enjoyable and fun.”

"The book and song worked perfect for my son... No stress potty training!"


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